Monitoring our coast a vital role

11th August 2021

Let scientists finish salmon study

Christine Coughanowr writes about the risks to the Derwent River of expanding salmon farming in Storm Bay in the Mercury.

19th July 2020
Professor Ben Richardson and Dr Jen Sanger were interviewed by the Launceston Examiner about the importance of science in strong environmental protection legislation, and identify weaknesses in how forestry is treated under Australia's national environmental law.

14th May 2021

Dr Edward Butler writes in the Mercury about the need for better oversight of Tasmania's coastal waters.

The state of Tasmania's rivers

10th and 11th August 2021

Christine Coughanowr speaks about the state of Tasmania's freshwater resources to ABC Radio and in the Mercury.

Experts have their say on Tasmania's environmental laws
NEWSThe Tasmanian Independent Science Council seeks to lead the public debate on the role of science in policy on environmental stewardship through the media.


How many jobs are generated by the Tasmanian salmon industry?

23th February 2021

Dr Graeme Wells writes about how many jobs are really generated by the Tasmanian salmon industry in the Mercury.

Instigators of the Fin Fish Farming Inquiry Celebrate Final Report

24th May 2022 

Read the Tasmanian Independent Science Council's media release on the Fin Fish Farming Inquiry's Final Report. 

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